Thinking about pouring a concrete patio yourself?  Pouring concrete is unlike any other trade,  you only have a certain amount of time to get to job done the right way.  Other trades like framing, roofing, painting, plumbing are not as critical with time.  When pouring a  patio for example, you will have to take in mind how you will get the concrete to the patio area.  There are three options to get concrete from the truck to the patio, the least expensive is to wheelbarrow the concrete in.  Although it is very labor intensive it is the cheapest, to pour 240 to 800 sq ft you will need 2-3 people to wheelbarrow concrete into place.  The other option is to pump the concrete in with a ground pump.  This will typically cost about 800 dollars.  And the third option is to use a concrete buggie, a motorized wheelbarrow.

You will also need 2 concrete finishers to spread out concrete, screed and finish concrete.  With two experienced concrete finishers you will be ok to do 800 sq ft.  The number one factor a concrete job does not go well is that there is not enough people to get the concrete unloaded and finished in the 2-3 hours it takes concrete to dry.