Stain Patterns

The patterns that Volcano Concrete can create with our expert concrete staining process are almost unlimited. Concrete can be stained to look like many other substances, including wood, brick, leather, stone, or marble. Use your imagination and we will help you create just the look you love. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Stain Colors

Volcano Concrete offers both acid stains and water based stains for your concrete staining projects. Often, using a combination of the two creates a unique result that is rich in color and texture while retaining the ease of cleaning and durability of concrete. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Stain Process

Concrete staining enables you to enjoy eye catching, colorful designs with affordable concrete projects. Ideal for interior and exterior use, acid concrete stain results in a durable, long lasting color that creates an entirely new and unique look for your concrete floor, patio, or walls. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE